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The Bazaars of Jaipur

Jaipur is famous for its shopping scene – offering everyone a bargain or more as per their taste and budget. Very rarely tourists don’t venture into Jaipur’s maze of various bazaars; it’s such a major attraction.

So, here are few photographs taken of these famed market streets by me while (of course) shopping for one thing or another.

Street 1

Very interesting streetlamps in the older part of the city. They can be linked directly with Jaipur’s royal lineage.


The colourfully decorated pink gate that opens to various markets in the Old City.


The similarly styled signboards of the shops.


The shops on either side decked in pink hues.


A heritage building getting repaired, housing mainly shoes shops.


The famous Tripola gate opening into a busy intersection of three bazaar streets.


A decorative terrace of one of the buildings.


A Minaret soaring high and forming backdrop of one of the many market streets.


The busy market scene as can be seen from the Hawa Mahal.


The road leading to the modern shopping malls located on and around M.I. Road.


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