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Glimpses from the Ganesha Festival 2013

Hello Everyone!!

Last year I blogged about making of Ganesha idols, so this year it’s about the finished product i.e. actual Ganeshas.

These are photographs clicked by me during the recently concluded Ganesha Festival – celebrated majorly in Mumbai and Pune. All pictures are in random orders, from day one till the immersion procession.

Hope you all like it!!

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Travelling Through Solapur

These are some snapshots taken while travelling in and around Solapur – the city located in south-western Maharashtra.

On the way to Solapur City:


The Solapur Fort as seen from across the lake:


The temple town of Ganagapur:

Ganagapur 1

Various saints and the God himself, carved on the Ganagapur Temple:

Ganagapur 2

A giant statue of God Hanuman on the outskirts of Ganagapur:

Ganagapur 3

To fulfil a wish, there is a tradition to tie a thread around the sacred tree:

Tree 1

Sunset clicked on the way to Akkalkot:

Sunset Solapur

The sacred necklaces to be worn during the puja ceremony at Tulajapur:

Tuljapur 1

The main gate to Tulajapur Temple:

Tuljapur 2

The inside of another gate at Tuljapur temple:

Tuljapur 3

The main temple at Tuljapur:

Tuljapur 4

People and prayers at Tuljapur:

Tuljapur 5

The lakeside compound of Shri Siddheshwar Temple:


The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival – Shopping, Eating etc.

Mumbai’s social calendar has a special marking for the annual Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, held in the heart of historical south Mumbai precinct of Fort. There are open air arts installations, side walk converted into gallery, food as well as handicrafts stalls. So year after year, more and more people from the city look forward to this festival; for more than one reason.

Here are few glimpses of the said festival, divided into series of art installations and handicraft stalls.

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Christmas Merriment in Mumbai Part I

We too celebrate Christmas here in Mumbai, although not on such massive scale. But hey, its festive season and all churches, malls as well as restaurants are lit up. So, let’s just enjoy!!

The very famous Afghan Church with Stars lined up.


The main door of this church with festive lights and a Star.


The Star hanging on the porch; which has vintage wooden beams.


The nativity scene outside the Mount Mary Church.


And here’s a close up.


A beautiful couplet welcoming all and sundry to the Mount Mary Church.


The beautiful statue of Mother Mary at the Mount Mary Church.


The flower decked altar of the same church.


The Last Supper of Jesus carved at the base of the altar.


Another nativity scene inside the Mount Mary Chucrh.


Here’s a closer look.


The interior – all shiny and colourful of the same church.


The mistletoes and bells hanging on the door.


The outside open altar with the Christmas tree and its very own Santa clause.


The Portuguese Church decorated in a pretty simple way.


The front façade of the same church.


The Last Minute Rush for Ganesh Festival

I’ll let the pictures speak themselves, taken on the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi (The Ganesh Festival). Just wish they could show the electric sparks flying in the atmosphere, it’s that HAPPENNING!!

Just Enjoy Folks!!

The decorative garlands on display

Some more

The headgears

Some more jewellery – to be worn on the arms

Various items required for the Ganesh Puja

More necessary items

The asanaas for Ganesh – to place the idol on it

Various kinds of fruits for the Ganesh – not to be eaten, just for the Puja

Some more Ganeshas waiting to be taken home

Shri Ganesha – Getting the God ready to bring him home

Lord Ganesha you protect me from all the obstacles when I am praising about your appearance, when I am listening about your merits/qualities.

When I am passing the merit of your worshipping to others you protect me. When I am learning your worshipping from the Guru you protect me.

 The obstacles which will come across in my devotional worshipping you protect them from East, West, North, South and other surrounding/directions.”

There is an annual festival of Ganesha, which typically falls in the Hindu month of Bhadraprada (Around August / September). The festival begins on the fourth day of Bhadrapada known as ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’, with people bringing clay idols of Ganesha in their homes as a symbolic visit from the God. Depending upon each family’s tradition, these idols are immersed in the nearby water bodies on 1, 5, 7, or 11 days. The 11th day is called ‘Ananta Chaturdashi’ and on this day the festival culminates with the crowd roaring to “Ganapati Bappa Morya”.

Since the festival is celebrated in private as well as in public pavilions across India (especially in the cities of Mumbai & Pune); there is a great demand for various kinds of Ganesha idols.  This post is all about the making of these idols, clicked through various phases of creating the magnificent sculptures.

The process begins with mixing of clay & plaster of Paris + dried hey

Sometimes the materials are recycled from unfinished or leftover idol parts.

Then this mixture is poured through plastic moulds to form various body parts of the idol.

After this, all the parts of a particular idol are joined together with various techniques.

This sculpture is then polished and fine-tuned.

The delicate facial features are smoothed with brush.

Then the colours are applied, first the base coat and then finished ones.

The result of this long and tedious process, is this – the beautiful and colourful idols of Ganesha.