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A Visit to Dr. Kotnis Memorial, Solapur

During another trip to the southern town of Maharashtra- Solapur; we visited this well maintained museum dedicated to the memory of Dr. Kotnis. This Indian doctor is much revered in China too and we were glad to find this treasured link maintained so well in his birth town of Solapur.

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Travelling Through Solapur

These are some snapshots taken while travelling in and around Solapur – the city located in south-western Maharashtra.

On the way to Solapur City:


The Solapur Fort as seen from across the lake:


The temple town of Ganagapur:

Ganagapur 1

Various saints and the God himself, carved on the Ganagapur Temple:

Ganagapur 2

A giant statue of God Hanuman on the outskirts of Ganagapur:

Ganagapur 3

To fulfil a wish, there is a tradition to tie a thread around the sacred tree:

Tree 1

Sunset clicked on the way to Akkalkot:

Sunset Solapur

The sacred necklaces to be worn during the puja ceremony at Tulajapur:

Tuljapur 1

The main gate to Tulajapur Temple:

Tuljapur 2

The inside of another gate at Tuljapur temple:

Tuljapur 3

The main temple at Tuljapur:

Tuljapur 4

People and prayers at Tuljapur:

Tuljapur 5

The lakeside compound of Shri Siddheshwar Temple:


A Weekend Gateway To The Pench Tiger Reserve

Had a weekend away @ the Pench Tiger Reserve; here are few snapshots from that trip

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The Doors and Windows of Jaipur

This is another collection of photographs from my Jaipur trip. This is all about doors and windows.

Yes, doors and windows that’s what fascinated me while roaming around the town. This post is all about it.

The ornately decorated door of the Jaipur City Palace.


The window looking towards the main courtyard.


The mesmerizing peacock adorning one of the doors; representing monsoon. There were other doors presenting other seasons too, but monsoon is the one which catches everyone’s attention.


Different floors, different window styles from the interiors of Hawa Mahal.


The inside looks like this for one of these windows.


Another one of the intricately carved window from the Hawa Mahal.


The impressive gate of the Jaigarh Fort with a monkey acting as a doorkeeper.


A window to guard the fort and not merely to peer down.


A window to the world……from the Jaigarh Fort.


Windows fit for a Queen!!


What lies behind these closed doors?


A work of art or a simply a window?


One for the view and other for the breez.


These one are eye catching for their co-ordination.


The detailing on one of the windows.


The giant sized Suraj Pol (Sun Gate) with massive but beautifully decorated doors.


The Bazaars of Jaipur

Jaipur is famous for its shopping scene – offering everyone a bargain or more as per their taste and budget. Very rarely tourists don’t venture into Jaipur’s maze of various bazaars; it’s such a major attraction.

So, here are few photographs taken of these famed market streets by me while (of course) shopping for one thing or another.

Street 1

Very interesting streetlamps in the older part of the city. They can be linked directly with Jaipur’s royal lineage.


The colourfully decorated pink gate that opens to various markets in the Old City.


The similarly styled signboards of the shops.


The shops on either side decked in pink hues.


A heritage building getting repaired, housing mainly shoes shops.


The famous Tripola gate opening into a busy intersection of three bazaar streets.


A decorative terrace of one of the buildings.


A Minaret soaring high and forming backdrop of one of the many market streets.


The busy market scene as can be seen from the Hawa Mahal.


The road leading to the modern shopping malls located on and around M.I. Road.