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The annual culture fest called the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival – Part II – Shops etc.


The annual culture fest called the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival – Part I- Installations

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Glimpses from the Ganesha Festival 2013

Hello Everyone!!

Last year I blogged about making of Ganesha idols, so this year it’s about the finished product i.e. actual Ganeshas.

These are photographs clicked by me during the recently concluded Ganesha Festival – celebrated majorly in Mumbai and Pune. All pictures are in random orders, from day one till the immersion procession.

Hope you all like it!!

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Travelling Through Solapur

These are some snapshots taken while travelling in and around Solapur – the city located in south-western Maharashtra.

On the way to Solapur City:


The Solapur Fort as seen from across the lake:


The temple town of Ganagapur:

Ganagapur 1

Various saints and the God himself, carved on the Ganagapur Temple:

Ganagapur 2

A giant statue of God Hanuman on the outskirts of Ganagapur:

Ganagapur 3

To fulfil a wish, there is a tradition to tie a thread around the sacred tree:

Tree 1

Sunset clicked on the way to Akkalkot:

Sunset Solapur

The sacred necklaces to be worn during the puja ceremony at Tulajapur:

Tuljapur 1

The main gate to Tulajapur Temple:

Tuljapur 2

The inside of another gate at Tuljapur temple:

Tuljapur 3

The main temple at Tuljapur:

Tuljapur 4

People and prayers at Tuljapur:

Tuljapur 5

The lakeside compound of Shri Siddheshwar Temple:


A Glimpse Inside The Mumbai City Museum

There are two famous museums in Mumbai and I decided to tour the less famous of the two. Dr. Bhau Daji Lad or Mumbai City Museum as its known is situated at the entrance to the city zoo.

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It has recently been refurbished and restored to its former glory. Here are few glimpses from inside this treasure trove.