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The Monsoon Colour of Mumbai – Green

Mumbai, in all its glory is simply referred to as the Financial Capital of India. It does not signify any particular colour or emotion – like Jaipur is fondly called the Pink City or Kolkata is referred as the City of Joy.

As a result, this city does not have any uniform colour, smell or feeling across its various regions. But this all changes with the advent of monsoon. Rains bring much respite from the year round humid weather; promises joys with the beginning of festive periods and of course gives this grimy city some much required colour. All year round Mumbai is dusty, grey or burning yellow and specked with dirt. But monsoon paints the city green, right from the Kala Ghoda promenade in the south to the Sanjay Gandhi National Park of the north suburbs.

Here, I’m presenting few brief glimpses of the greenery across this freshened up city.